Power Market Software

For power plants: We advise on market price forecasting, strategist in long-term planning, short-term planning and how to make optimal bidding in power market to maximize its profit.

Smart Grid and Automation Solution

We advise on:
o Smart grid:
  • Roadmap for development
  • Smart Gird components
o Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system:
  • System design
  • Technical specification

Power system

We advise on:
o   Power system optimization operation and planning
o   Power system analysis:
Load flow analysis
Short circuit analysis
Dynamic and static stability analysis
o   Load forecasting:

SCADA and AMR (Automatic meter reading) solution

We provide solution to connect Distributed Control System (DCS) of power plants to National Load Dispatch Centre (NLDC) and Regional Load Dispatch Centre (RLDCs) as well as building a integrated system for power plant at their office for remote control and real-time supervise operation of power plant.


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