Consulting Service

Power Market Software

For power plants: We advise on market price forecasting, strategist in long-term planning, short-term planning and how to make optimal bidding in power market to maximize its profit.

Power system

We advise on:
o   Power system optimization operation and planning
o   Power system analysis:
Load flow analysis
Short circuit analysis
Dynamic and static stability analysis
o   Load forecasting:

Smart Grid and Automation Solution

We advise on:
o Smart grid:
  • Roadmap for development
  • Smart Gird components
o Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system:
  • System design
  • Technical specification

Power regulations

We provide a general/advanced understanding about Vietnam regulations:
  • Electricity law
  • Market rules
  • BOT contract
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • License
  • Tariff
  • Renewable energy
  • Grid code
  • Distribution code
  • Metering code
  • Power system operation

For investors

We advise on aspects:
Vietnam power system: We provide a general view, advanced operation and specifications of Vietnam power system, Energy/Power balancing… Based on that investor can understand about potential as well as risk when they invest.


We advise on aspects in Vietnam market:
  • Primary equipment: Transformer, Circuit breaker, Insulator, Capacitor Voltage Transformer, Current transformer.
  • Secondary equipment: Relay, teleprotection, battery, auxiliary systems
  • Telecommunication: SDH, PCM, Ethernet switch