Vietnam Rural Distribution Project –component: Network Modelling (2011-2012)


Consultant shall conduct an assessment of the existing and required network modelling systems for 5 Power Corporations (Distribution Utility) in Vietnam.  Following a preliminary assessment, Consultant sets out a set of recommendations in regards to the required training and systems and proceeded to conduct a training course, building exercises, building network modelling to improve the knowledge and capability of the Power Corporations.  Mr....

Assessment of Transmission Charges and Transmission Marginal Loss Factors (2013)


The project concerned with providing an assessment of how a number of candidate generation projects under consideration in North Queensland would affect the Cost Reflective Network Pricing (CRNP) transmission pricing regime in Queensland and an assessment of the marginal transmission loss factors for each candidate project.  In order to do this, a number of power flow studies of Queensland’s power system were carried out by VietnamMW, to...

The electricity supply chain analysis and Proposals for Revamping (2014)


Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) intends to engage the task of carrying out a supply chain analysis of the electricity generation in Sri Lanka. The main objective of this study would be to identify the costs of the existing supply chain up to the Generation Transmission boundary and to find ways to revamp the supply chain with a view to reduce the costs of generation. The tasks including: