Smart Grid implementation support consultant for National Transmission Corporation (2013-2014)


By means of technical assistance, the World Bank intends to support NTP in capturing the opportunities of new technologies and relevant international experience on developing the national smart grid in order to improve the efficiency, resilience, and increase the transmission grid’s ability to absorb intermittent renewable energy resources such as wind and solar. More specifically, the World Bank intends to: (i) support NPT to refine the existing Smart Grid tentative roadmap; (ii) define and help NPT perform technical and economic analyses of some priority projects (which actual implementation will be financed by the Bank); and (iii) define metrics for the success of the roadmap as a whole and for the specific projects to be financed by the Bank. It is expected that the consultant will bring top-notch, state-of-the-art knowledge with regard to the applications that NPT intends to implement and increase the capacity of in order to analyse, prepare, execute, and monitor the success of smart grid activities. The tasks including:

1.       Refined Smart Grid Roadmap Strategy Document for NPT

2.       Detailed Technical and Economic Assessment of Priority Smart Grid Actions to be Financed by the Bank

a.        Substation Automation Modernization Projects Technical and Economic Assessment

b.       Procurement Strategy and Functional Specifications

3.       Strategy for Implementation of other Priority-revised Smart Grid Applications

The project involved AF Mercados Consultant and Vietnam MW Co., Ltd.

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